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Hi , 
I’m Wendy,  a Sr. Software Engineer turned stay-at-home mother of two.  I spend  a large portion of my time investigating and discovering  things that I feel that will enrich my children’s lives and our family life & environment.   Many friends have told me that I need to share what I know with others.   Through this blog, I would like to share those things with other parents, who may not  have the time to discover these things.   I hope to :
            o  Contribute positively to society  – one of my life goals.
            o  Provide information that will benefit parents along their parenting journey.
            o  Save busy parents time
            o  Enrich children’s lives with fun, educational, STEM-type activities
            o  Create some junior engineers along the way 
My  posts will be related to :
             o  My interests –  Kids,  Nutritious Eating,  Edible Landscaping & Gardening, Health & Fitness,
             o  STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)  related activities for kids.
             o  My thought & experiences on various topics 
             o  Tips I find useful in my daily life
             o  Quests I embark on along my own parenting journey

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Wendy,

    Our FLL coach turned me onto your site. I love it! Your Sketchup and FLL tutorials are first rate. And your site has a nice professional layout that distinguishes it from typical WordPress blogs.

    Here’s my question: How do I e-mail/contact/pm you?

    1. Hi Justin,

      I have added a “Contact Me” item on the top menubar, as well as an email icon on the right under my email subscription block.

      I hope to put out more tutorials in the future on the following technologies for kids: GameMaker, Alice, Arduino, HTML, Microsoft Kodu, SAM Animation, Geocaching, Scratch & WEDO robotics (for early middle schoolers), and many others. My goal is to make it easy for busy parents (especially the non-techy ones) to learn these great available STEM technologies, so they can teach them to their kids. Busy parents want to teach their kids these things most of the time, but the start-up time investment usually keeps it from happening. I hope to help with that. Let me know what kinds of things you would like to see on it. I am just getting started. Feel free to pass my site and quest for suggestions on to others.

      If you don’t want to miss a post, there are 2 ways to subscribe to my posts – by email or RSS reader — on the top of the right column.


  2. > Feel free to pass my site and quest for suggestions on to others.

    Will do! And I will try your Contact form.

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