“How Things Work” books my Tween boy loves!

Several books have greatly contributed to the wealth of  “How Things Work” knowledge my almost 12 year old son has accumulated over the last few  years.   It is amazing what he learns from these books!

Cool Stuff Exploded is my son’s favorite!   It also comes with  a CD that has some amazing animations.  The book shows the insides of all kinds of modern technology by showing them taken apart – hence “exploded” –  and explaining what each part does.  It’s a pretty cool book I must admit!

Cool Stuff and How It Works is my son’s second favorite “How Things Work” book.  It also has glossy images and explanations on so many of our modern gadgets and technologies.

The New Way Things Work is a favorite of mine!   My son likes it too, but the other 2 books tend to cater to his love of the latest technologies & gadgets.  I love David Macaulay’s books!  They always get wonderful reviews on both content and illustrations.   The New Way Things Work is wonderfully illustrated and is less about the latest modern gadgets & technologies and more about the machines and devices that form the basis of our modern technology.   It covers simple machines and how they are used in larger scale items.  For example, it explains (and illustrates)  how levers work and are used in bicycle brakes and hydraulic platforms, or how the wheel and axle works and is used in hydroelectric turbines.  It covers floating, flying, pressure power, exploiting heat, nuclear power, light, images, photography, printing, sound & music, telecommunications, electricity, magnetism, sensors & detectors, and the digital domain (computer, storage, logic processors, software, modems & robotics).

In my opinion, all three of these are wonderful books oozing with “kid-cool” knowledge for their thirsty brains to absorb like a sponge…