Sewing Books For Kids

I purchased several of the following sewing books for kids when I was creating a sewing kit for my daughter at Christmas.  I looked through the projects in the books to figure the initial supplies to put into the sewing kit.    Other books I have added since.   I love all these books.  They have wonderful and fun ideas!

The Cute Book and The Cuter Book have CUTE  :-)  little stuffed animal creatures for kids to sew.  These were the first projects that both my kids and their cousins were drawn to.   I think because the animals are small and the books have step-by-step instructions, kids are not intimidated by them at all.  They jump right in and start sewing these cute little animals…





Sewing for Children: 35 Step-by-step Projects to Help Kids Aged 3 and Up Learn to Sew is my favorite of these two books – but I love them both!  They are filled with real projects that will fascinate your kids.

See and Sew: A Sewing Book for Children covers the very basics of sewing —  with a Norman Rockwell feel.  There is a very nostalgic look and feel to this book.   It includes many basic stitches, sewing on buttons, shanking buttons, making pom poms, etc.