Sewing Kit For Kids

A year and a half ago, my daughter (almost 9 now)  said she wanted to learn how to sew.  I thought that a sewing kit and, possibly,  a sewing machine would make a good Christmas gift.  So, I started my research on sewing machines (a post soon to come)  and sewing kits for kids.   I quickly realized  that the sewing kits out there for kids were all so cheap, in quality  — but not in price.  For what you paid,  you received very few items and the items were not very good in quality.   I wanted a sewing kit that my daughter could use throughout her life… something that would last…  and that she would have years of wonderful, creative  memories associated with…

Then, I discovered the Creative Options Grab & Go Sewing and Storage Box/Organizer which generally runs around $24.  Sometimes, if you have a Micheal’s coupon, you can get them for less.   I filled the Grab & Go Sewing Box/Organizer with all the items I thought she might use in the near future.   I research lots of sewing books for kids and based the initial content of the sewing kit on items needed for the projects I found in those books.

The top compartment of the box holds larger items that won’t fit in the trays.   It works out nicely.  For the four internal boxes….

One became sewing related items….

One became embroidery related items…

One became knitting related items…

One became crochet related items…

There is lots of space, so items can be added as they are needed for various projects.

I also filled a dollar store drawstring bag with lots of colorful felt and yarn.  Her favorite color felts are long gone — she has used them for making small drawstring bags, small felt animals or practicing embroidery on.    Felt is a wonderful starter material on which  kids can learn to hand sew, machine sew or embroider.

The following is a hand sewing project my daughter embarked on after my son, who is 12 now,  put a sign on his door, which said “No, GIRLS younger than me allowed in MY room without MY permission!”   His sign was paper.  :-)

She stopped working on her sign for a little while (due to school & gymnastics) and is now hard at work on it again, now that it is summer time!!!  CUTE!