Useless Machine

Kids Electronics Soldering Project: Useless Machine

Summertime is project time for my kids! So, before school was out, I was on a quest for electronics soldering projects for my son, who just turned 14.   One of the projects I discovered, which my son loves, is  the Useless Machine – a box with a switch on it.  When the switch is flipped on, the box opens up and turns itself off.  It is a contraption that has resulted in endless giggles from all who flip the switch.  WARNING: No one can flip the switch just once!


Here, Ben is soldering the battery to the circuit board.  The SE MZ101B Helping Hands with Magnifying Glass allows him to do hands free soldering.  He is using Stahl Tools SSVT Variable Temperature Soldering Station as his soldering tool and Alpha Fry AT-31604 60-40 Rosin Core Solder as his soldering core.



Ben is testing the gear that he will mount in the box…


Circuit board mounted in box…


Gear mounted in box…


Here is the box entirely opened.   The box comes in the form of plastic plates which Ben put together with screws and hinges, all included in the Useless Machine Kit.


Need some help on soldering? See these resources: