Quick, Healthy Eats: Warm Maple Blueberry Grape Nuts

My kids love this warm breakfast, especially my son Ben.  It is very inviting on a cold winter morning! However, my son asks for it year round, as he did this morning – mid-summer!

Get ya some Grape Nuts in a bowl…



Top with some frosty, frozen blueberries…  YUM!


Add some organic 2% milk.  If you can’t do dairy, just use you favorite milk substitute.


Warm it in the microwave.   I put it on high for 40 seconds, stir it, then 40 seconds more.

The milk turns nice and purplish!!


Then use some good ole maple syrup and sweeten it to taste.    I am lucky to know a wonderful farmer in Ohio’s Amish country that makes his own maple syrup and it is wonderful!

Serve & enjoy!!!