Kids Electronics Soldering Project: See Through Calculator!

I purchased two electronics soldering projects for my son, expecting he would do one project a week – taking his time.  The first project was the Useless Machine Kit, which he loved!  Endless giggles come from any kid (or adult) who  flips the switch.   And no one can flip the switch just once!   The second project was this see through calculator.     The SpikenzieLabs Calculator Kit is really cool and gives him more experience with soldering.  My only problem is that I find I am going to have to release his future electronics projects on a schedule, as he finished both of these in less than 2 days!  :-)    So much for keeping him busy this summer!

Here, Ben is soldering the resistors on to the circuit board.    He is using Stahl Tools SSVT Variable Temperature Soldering Station as his soldering tool and Alpha Fry AT-31604 60-40 Rosin Core Solder as his soldering core.


Resistors are done…


Button plates are soldered on…


Soldering job is tested.   It works!!


Button plate covers are on and the the circuit board is installed in the case.  Now he just needs to peel the paper off the buttons.


Now, the calculator is all together and working …

Need some help on soldering? See these resources: