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Quick, Healthy Eats: Warm Maple Blueberry Grape Nuts


My kids love this warm breakfast, especially my son Ben. It is very inviting on a cold winter morning! However, my son asks for it year round, as he did this morning – mid-summer!

Get ya some Grape Nuts in a bowl…


Top with some frosty, frozen

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Cooking with Kids: Breakfast Fruit Salad

Breakfast Fruit Salad

One of the summer breakfasts that my kids love is my fruit salad, although it can be eaten all year round. And kids can make this salad, with very little supervision!!! I like recipes that kids make because when they participate in making it, they will usually eat it.

First chop some strawberries.

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Cooking with Kids: Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods


Chocolate covered pretzel rods have a real “WOW” factor with the kids and they are so simple. My daughter and her friend made these for their classmates. For 30 rods, it takes:

2 bags of pretzel rods 1 bag of white chocolate chips (I love Ghiradehli!) 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips (I love Ghiradehli!)

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Quick Eat: Raw Sweet Potato Fries

Surprise! Yes, you can eat raw sweet potato… and it is delicious. I peel a sweet potato and slice it into sticks (fries) or half moon shapes. It is crunchy and sweet! You can add a dash of salt, if you like – my daughter does. I am always surprised that most people I tell

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Healthy Recipe Ideas on Pinterest


Check out my Pinterest board Healthy Recipes and Food Ideas. To see my other boards on Pinterest click the red “Follow me on Pinterst” button on the left under RECENT PINS.

My own recipes coming soon…