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Kids Electronics Soldering Project: See Through Calculator!


I purchased two electronics soldering projects for my son, expecting he would do one project a week – taking his time. The first project was the Useless Machine Kit, which he loved! Endless giggles come from any kid (or adult) who flips the switch. And no one can flip the switch just once! The second

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Kids Electronics Soldering Project: Useless Machine

Useless Machine

Summertime is project time for my kids! So, before school was out, I was on a quest for electronics soldering projects for my son, who just turned 14. One of the projects I discovered, which my son loves, is the Useless Machine – a box with a switch on it. When the switch is flipped

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Quick Start Tutorial: Kids Can Use App Inventor to Build Android Apps!

Triag App

Kids can write their own applications for their android devices. How you might ask? With the free App Inventor development environment from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The wonderful thing about App Inventor is that it lets you see the results of each step of coding immediately, so you never get bored. This is

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Great Logic and Thinking games for the Nintendo DS


Here is my list of our favorite logic and thinking games for the Nintendo DS:

Scribblenauts has got to be one of the most creative logic games around. There are objectives to the puzzles, like get across the river. The player must conjure up solutions to accomplish the

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Quick Start Tutorial: Soldering Electronic Kits With Your Tween Child


Between the ages of 7 to 10, the only thing my son ever wanted for birthdays, Christmas and all gifting occasions was LEGOs, LEGOs & more LEGOs. I think we own stock in LEGO. From 10 to 12 he was into guns (NERF & Airsoft), as well as bows & arrows, but these

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