Paper Architecture

Kids who love origami or architecture will love The Paper Architect: Fold-It-Yourself Buildings and Structures!   I bought The Paper Architect: Fold-It-Yourself Buildings and Structures for my son several years ago because he likes origami and has an interest in being an architect.   He did many of the designs in this book and enjoyed it….


Sewing Kit For Kids

A year and a half ago, my daughter (almost 9 now)  said she wanted to learn how to sew.  I thought that a sewing kit and, possibly,  a sewing machine would make a good Christmas gift.  So, I started my research on sewing machines (a post soon to come)  and sewing kits for kids.   I…


Sewing Books For Kids

I purchased several of the following sewing books for kids when I was creating a sewing kit for my daughter at Christmas.  I looked through the projects in the books to figure the initial supplies to put into the sewing kit.    Other books I have added since.   I love all these books.  They have wonderful…


Give Your Kids an Artistic Canvas In Your Home.

Since my husband and I are both software engineers by trade, we tend to immerse our kids in lots of techy things.  One of my goals is to keep my kids well-balanced, so I try to incorporate artistic outlets into their lives.    In preparation for summer activities, I was about to take down their…


Kids Love to Personalize Their Room… Here’s a Great Way!

This past summer I was organizing our utility closet and realized I had an excess of plain builders socket and switch plate covers because we had replaced so many of them with more decorative plate covers.   I knew my kids would love to personalize the covers in their bedrooms, so my mission was to figure…