Quick Tip: Great Way to Display Your Child’s Art


I had the greatest intentions of designing a valance with pockets for displaying my kids’ art work in their playroom. I just never seemed to get around to it. Then it dawned on me… just use a double rod with curtain ring clips… instant valance of art work and you don’t have to worry about

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Quick Eat: Raw Sweet Potato Fries

Surprise! Yes, you can eat raw sweet potato… and it is delicious. I peel a sweet potato and slice it into sticks (fries) or half moon shapes. It is crunchy and sweet! You can add a dash of salt, if you like – my daughter does. I am always surprised that most people I tell

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Quick Tip: Does your child use too much shampoo in the shower/tub?

Medicine Cups

Just keep a small medicine cup in the shower or tub, so they can pour just the right amount.